Current Sermon Series: Acts

Uncharted Territory – the book of Acts

Lewis and Clark were commissioned to find the Northwest passage, instead they found the Rocky Mountains. Lewis and Clark were expert explorers in a Canoe but knew nothing about the mountains. But instead of giving up on their mission, they got out of their canoes and became mountain explorers. The first disciples of Jesus must have felt like they were getting out of their safe canoes when Jesus ascended and they received the Holy Spirit. Life would be anything but the same or safe. In a world that is changing so quickly, we can feel like Lewis and Clark. We have to get out of our safe canoes that we know and enter into uncharted territory of following the Spirit in this new world. I believe the book of Acts will have many lessons to help us navigate this new world we live in while still holding true to God and His Word by the power of the Spirit.

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