ONE Sphere

One Sphere

Looking at the big picture is good, but can be overwhelming at times also. The big picture is that we want to live out the gospel in every sphere of life that we are in. Our family, church, job, school, neighborhood, sports team, kid’s sports team, group of friends, etc. A couple of years ago I did make a video about this concept of Gospel Spheres and a helpful document to help you in this that you can view here if you would like.

But, as that is a lot, and perhaps overwhelming; I want to challenge you to think about just one sphere of life. Whether that is a sphere that you have while under quarantine or a sphere that will hopefully open back up soon. Pray and ask God, how do you want me to speak and act in this sphere? Think about the people in that sphere: where are they at with Jesus? How can I point them to Jesus, either to be saved or to be strengthened in their faith?

The more you think about this one sphere, the more it will come more naturally to think this way about all of your spheres of life.