Monday Devotional: Relationship, Welcoming and Desire

Monday Devotional: Relationship, Welcoming and Desire

Were all growing in God’s Family! A great verse that emphasizes our vision in Philippians 1:6, which I encourage you to memorizing Philippians 1:6 as a family this week! There are many ways the bible talks about how God is growing us through the gospel and His Spirit in us. Here are the 3 bullet points (Below) from our vision that I talked about in Sunday’s message. Pray over these, that God would grow you and your family, in these ways this week. Hang the 3 summery words in your house. Expect God to carry out His promises!

Gospel LivingRelationship

Foster a personal relationship with God through His Word (the bible), prayer and being led by the Spirit. We want this relationship to permeate each person’s individual and family life.

Gospel CommunityWelcoming

Create a safe, welcoming and loving environment for anyone (not just members of the church) to be vulnerable, genuinely cared for and not judged.

Gospel MissionDesire

Foster in all our hearts (as individuals and as a community) a deep desire for God’s mission that keeps us from being distracted by unimportant matters or our own selfishness.