Persian Chronicles and Some Sewer Guys

A few years ago I preached through the book of Esther. In the story, Esther’s cousin (who raises her) is named Mordechai. In Esther 2:21-23, Mordechai discovered and reported a plot to kill King Xerxes. It was investigated and found to be true, and Mordechai’s name and heroic actions that saved the king were written in the Persian chronicles. The king just forgot to reward Mordechai. Fast forward: a man named Haman hates Mordachi and wants to kill him and all the Jews living in the Persian empire. But in Esther chapter 6, there is a incredible and humorous turn of events! The night before Haman was coming to ask to hang Mordechai, king Xerxes couldn’t sleep, and had the chronicles read to him, presumably to help him go to sleep. The servant read Mordechai’s name and the king instantly realized he forgot to reward him. So as Haman came in, instead of allowing Haman to hang Mordechai, King Xerxes has Haman parade Mordechai around town, honoring him as a hero.

When facing difficult times, I challenged us to remember the phrase, “Mordechai’s name is already written in the Persian Chronicles.” God caused King Xerxes to forget about rewarding him, so that at the right time God would use it. When there seems no way out, God already has it taken care of. We just don’t see it yet! This was a huge way God saved not only Mordechai, but all the Jews living in Persia.

Sara Neisen sent me this amazing Facebook video of a couple sewer guys who love Jesus. They had some supplies they were trying to get to Haiti 5 years ago. They couldn’t get it there. But now, they were able to deliver hundreds and thousands of face masks and hand sanitizer to hospitals near where they live. It even kept one hospital in business!

Be encouraged, our God is still working like He did in the book of Esther! Mordechai’s name is already written in the Persian Chronicles. God still has pallets of face masks and hand sanitizer.