Monday (March 30, 2020) Devotion

Monday (March 30, 2020) Devotion: “Seeing Beyond what we can see”

We don’t want to waste this Coronavirus season. We want to flexibly follow God and what He is doing. We want to surrender how we think things should go to our God who creates and sustains galaxies. God is the “artist and the potter, we are the canvas and the clay.”

Most media outlets are not giving us a lot of hope these day. Sure, there may be some hope here and there from the media. Most of the reports I see, however, center on how many cases of COVID-19 we are up to, the virus’s death toll, how bad the economy is going to get, and how the opposing political party is to blame for ruining America.

It is good to be real and honest with the seriousness of this pandemic. We need to be aware of the things the media is reporting. But I want to challenge us to think beyond what the media is reporting, to think beyond what we can see with our own eyes. Like the artist I talked about in the video who used special paint and a black light so that we could “see” Jesus, God can enable us to see beyond what we naturally can. This involves being watchful of what God is doing, with complete and utter faith God is indeed working all things (including the Coronavirus) for good.  

We can’t yet see every way God is working the Coronavirus for good, but God has shown some ways that He has. Take a moment right now to pray as a family for God to open our eyes more and more to how God has been at work in us, our family, our church, and the world.

Then discuss as a family…

  • How do you see God working in you during this time?
  • How do you see God working in your family during this time?
  • Where have you seen God at work in this town during this time?
  • Where do you see God at work in our world?