Friday Devotions are for Missions

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God’s Mission, COVID-19, Josh Dilly and a Difficult Question for Your Heart

Even as we catch wind of the first confirmed cased of COVID-19 in Bremer County, in this devotional, I still want us to think beyond 50622 and Bremer County for the sake of the nations! Malachi 1:11 says “My name WILL BE great among the nations! It doesn’t say, “My name will be great among the nations, as long as it doesn’t have set-backs like COVID-19.” God is so good and sovereign, that He will use this to bring people to Himself. To help show this, read this hope-filled Facebook post (below) from our friends Josh and Mel Dilly from Storyline, whom we support as a church.

A friend and ministry partner of ours (Frank Tolentino) shared this photo with us today. It is a group of mission workers from Barcelona, Spain that he is friends with. The whole team contracted COVID-19. The guy in the back with a beard is Paco. He is currently in critical condition and in a coma. Will you join us in praying for this dear team and for Paco? Will you pray for the people of Spain? In the midst of the absolute ugliness we are also hearing stories of people in Spain and Italy trusting Jesus for the first time and asking for prayer. May his grace cover us all! The second is a video Frank also sent us that shows the pain and the beauty of the current reality in Spain. Please watch it and pray with us. ¬°Gracias!

In hearing things like this, I’d like to ask a really hard questions of your heart, and my own heart. Would all of the inconveniences, restrictions, hysteria, broken plans, sicknesses, and even deaths be worth it, in your heart, so that God would bring just 1 person to Himself through this? As we are all GROWING in God’s family, it’s good to be reminded that nobody feels this conviction perfectly, but it’s good to know what the fruit is, that He is growing in us.

As a family…

  • Pray for Paco and this team of missionaries with the Coronavirus.
  • Pray for these new believers in Italy and Spain.
  • Pray for God to be great among the nations in people’s hearts – that COVID-19 would lead people to Jesus!
  • Pray for your own heart, and our church to grow in having a heart that longs for God to be great among the nations.