Wednesday Night Kids Church

Our Wednesday Night Program is for 4 years old through middle school, and all are welcome!

The program begins with a meal for anyone who would like to come (parents included) from 5:45-6:15 p.m. Please wait until 5:45 to come, or to drop off your children because we will not be able to provide supervision until 5:45.

Right after the meal (6:15ish), there will be music, games, crafts, a lesson from God’s Word and lots of fun for the elementary kids.

For the Middle school kids we split the boys and girls up. We still have fun, learn about God’s Word and challenge them to live out their faith.

For COVID related issues, we typically follow the lead of the school. If you are worried your child may have COVID or is ill, please have them stay home. For any other questions call us at 319-984-5947. Sign up is below.