Budget Shift

As a way to show our appreciation to our volunteers, our church board would like to shift some funds in the budget so that we can begin reimbursing volunteers in the church for mileage. In a nutshell, we are going to take $500 from line 620 (ads, prints and video resources) and create a new line, 245 (under the heading “church office”), and name it “travel expenses.” In order to give you adequate time to process, ask questions, or give your concerns, we will wait to put this into effect until November 1st.Below are a few more details concerning this budget shift…

  • We have consulted with our accountant, Keith Oltrogge, and have settled that this is the proper (legal/ ethical) way of going about this.
  • We, as a board, are planning to reimburse 58 cents per mile, which is the legal limit for a non-profit organization.
  • The $500 should not hurt budget line 620 and it should cover the cost of reimbursements for 2019.
  • When someone has mileage that they want reimbursed for, there will be a form in the admin’s office that they will fill out. The church will get them reimbursed asap.
  • The church will reimburse mileage accrued as far back as January of 2019. 
  • If you consider your mileage to be sacrificial-worship to the Lord, you do not have to be reimbursed for your mileage. That is between you and God.
  • We want to be as generous as possible to our volunteers. At the same time, we are doing this on the honor system and ask that you do not take advantage of the church. 

We are waiting to put this into effect until November 1st in order to give you adequate time to process this, ask questions, and give your concerns. If you do have any questions or concerns, please contact Zach or Mike Skinner. Thank you all for your generosity to the church and your love for King Jesus.BlessingsZach and the DBC Board