Regional and Cross Cultural Missions

God says that His Name will be great among the nations (Malachi 1:11)! And one day there will be a multitude that nobody could number from every tongue, tribe and nation before the throne of God (Revelation 7:9)!

Therefore we believe life on the Cornerstone is to think locally and globally in terms of Jesus’ mission. Below are missionaries and missions we support financially and prayerfully.

Missionary “S”

Due to security reasons, we cannot disclose info about missionary “S.” Pray for a supernatural ability to learn the languages and for the Lord to lead him the way the way he should go.

Josh and Melanie Dilly – Story Line – Caribbean

Josh and Melanie Dilly are the Directors for Caribbean Partnerships. They have seven children and are currently based in Florida (Formerly of the Midwest). They work to mobilize Caribbean Christian missionaries to be sent all over the world, especially to unreached people groups.

Josh Freeman – Togo West Africa

Togo is the 10th-poorest country in the world and the birth place of Voodoo. Josh will be partnering with a team called the 6 Degree Initiative. He will be coming on the team to be a church planting coach to build relationships with the local people, share the gospel and disciple and train future Togolese pastors. He will be a part of all church planting operations, including urban development and working with all current church plant leaders and pastors. Josh recently Married Ashley Siler.

Jeff and Barbra Chapman – Kansai (Area), Japan

The Chapmans have been directly involved with three church plants and are presently in the planning stages for church planting in Osaka. They have churches in the suburbs of Osaka, but not in the city itself. Osaka has a population of 8.8 million people.

Dan & Sandy Varberg (Faith Academy) – Manila, Philippines

Faith Academy is a private school in the Philippines primarily for missionary kids. Dan supervises Filipino employees and oversees the maintenance of the 22-acre campus. Sandy has typically been a school nurse. However, with Corvid she has done a lot of COVID related care and training.

Nueva Vida(New Life School) Guatemala Santa Marie De

New Life School provides a Christian therapy, education and community for kids with special needs. Schumacher Elevator put in an elevator for their building in 2007. People form our church have been there a few different times. Megan Lewis has taken over as the director of operations there.

Pine Lakes Church Camp

Pine Lakes Camp was recently purchased by another church, but they still plan to run the church camp as usual. We hope to learn more about the changes soon.

Other Ministries