Cornerstone Community

Cornerstone Community

One who is built on the Cornerstone will grow in making the church more loving and more fruitful! Below are some bullet points on how God calls us to participate in what He is doing in His church…

  • Create a safe, welcoming and loving environment for anyone (not just members of the church) to be vulnerable, genuinely cared for and not judged.
  • Encourage and equip everyone to utilize their spiritual gifts and be engaged in the life and mission of the church.
  • Encourage and equip one another to feed ourselves and our families with the Word of God.
  • Encourage and equip one another to be holy.
  • Encourage and equip one another to live out our faith in our everyday lives.
  • Gather together for authentic worship, genuine fellowship and effective equipping.
  • Engage the youth in the life of the church.
  • Develop leaders for carrying out our vision.

Resources and Tools for Gospel Community

Bible Texts to Dwell on


Pod Casts and other media