Prayer and Upcoming Events

Prayer Requests

The Lost

  • Pray for the lost in your family, school/job, neighborhood and community.
  • Pray for specific people to be born again, disciples, and to lead others to faith and make disciples.
  • Pray for possible church plants in our area.


  • Karen’s dad is doing very well. He even mowed a little the other day.
  • Elliana had good news about her airways and has been given hope that she could have the trachea removed.
  • Karen asked for prayer for her family’s relationships.
  • They have an unspoken prayer request and also pray for healing and for trials they are facing.


  • Their son and family still need a place to live. Transition for the both of the kids.
  • Sandra’s brother-in-law, Gerry. Pray hard for his salvation.
  • Myra has kidney cancer. She is still waiting to get into the doctor. In the meantime, she may need to have dialysis. Pray for patience and God’s timing in all of it.
  • Both of her siblings are doing well. Thank you for the prayers.

Other Prayer

  • Donna Peterson’s friend (And Karen Freese’s sister-in-law), Theresa Freese is hospitalized at Mercy One. She is need of a liver transplant. Pray that God uses this for the salvaiton of her family.
  • The Kleins (Tanner and Baily) are in Germany for a wedding (Baily’s foreign exchange brother from high school).
  • The war in Israel and others around the world.
  • Patty’s brother, John, is struggling with lung cancer and COPD. 
  • Mark Widdel has severe arthritis in his tibia. Pray for the pain to go away.
  • Jaxon Hansen (James and Pat’s grandson / Andrea’s nephew) and his ongoing recovery from a spinal cord injury a few years ago.

Answered Prayers – 2024

  • Madeline is feeling much better.
  • Nick received good news about some health issues he was concerned about.
  • Jim Harp is home doing well after getting a stint put in.
  • Our church paid for curtains to be made for Nueva Vida and they were completed and hung!

Cornerstone Church and Community Upcoming Events

  • July 9, 10, 11 – VBS!
  • Sunday, July 21st at 6p.m.Mitch McVicker will be at Cornerstone!
  • Tuesdays – Women’s group at either at Donna Petersen’s house or the church building depending on the week. (10:00am)
  • Tuesdays – Men’s prayer group (10:00am)
  • Wednesdays – Men’s group @ the church (5:30 am)